Name: Cavel
Age: 31
Origin: Trinidad
Location: Maryland
Zodiac: Virgo
Sexual Orientation: Men
Relationship Status: Relationship
Measurements: 34-29-42
Twitter: @prettyBeyes
Facebook: Cavel Davis
ModelMayhem: modelmayhem.com/candiestar79 or 490413
Website: under construction but http://www.mscavel.com
Booking Info: candiestar79@gmail.com

What hand do you write with: Right
What’s your favorite color: Pink and Purple
Dream Car: Maybach
Lucky Number: 16
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: Lakers

Hello all, my name is Cavel. I have been modeling for a while but recently became more noticed. My first national magazine was Straight Stuntin issue 16. I was also on the cover of CRED Xclusive, the pin up magazine. My upcoming projects are Straight Stuntin in August, Str@pped Mens Magazine, Stunnaz, Envy, and Omigawd. I have done multiple music videos within the DMV. I have also filmed 2 short films and am currently working on my third. So far, I am proud of all that I have been doing. I will continue to strive for more. As of now, knock on wood, I haven’t had any bad experiences in the industry. All of my experiences so far have been good because each have allowed me to grow and become a better model. But my best would be getting the cover of CRED. I have been told I have a great personality and that is why others love working with me. People usually assume that I am stuck up but that isn’t the case at all. I am very shy and have to get comfortable around others before I open up. But once someone get to know me, it’s a wrap .

Location:houston texas
Sexual Orientation:female
Relationship Status:SINGLE
Booking Info:ksweetsbookings@gmail.com

What hand do you write with: Right

What’s your favorite color: Baby blue
Dream Car:
Lucky Number:1
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Team:

My name is Kandis with a K:) I enjoy sleeping all day an partying all night:) in the near future professionally I plan on getting my degree in education ill be one sexy ass TEACHER:) bt I also plan on doing a few play boy magazines…for some reason whenever I shoot with different photographers they try to hit on me in sexual ways but I DON’T PLAY THAT strictly business around here I’m all about money no time to play:) I enjoy shooting nude/implied. (My fav) its more about me that I can’t fit in one paragraph so #thatsallihave:)

Name: Natasha Fancy
Age: 24
Origin: african american/indian
Location: miami fl
Zodiac: pisces
Sexual Orientation: I like men
Relationship Status: lets just say im not looking 🙂
Measurements: 36c-24-40
Twitter: @NatashaFancy
Facebook: None at the moment
ModelMayhem: https://secure.modelmayhem.com/1741149 natasha fancy
Booking Info: bookfancy.natasha@gmail.com
Photographer: @desired images
What hand do you write with: left hand, im special
What’s your favorite color: purple and yellow
Dream Car: coupe benz
Lucky Number: i dont have a lucky number
Favorite Sport: basketball
Favorite Team: miami heat

Hey guys my names is “Natasha Fancy” was born feb 28th 1987, in Seattle,Washington I have a very exotic look and curvy figure. Not only do i Model but I’m a student receiving a bachelors degree in criminal justice. I came onto the modeling seen when I moved to Miami, Florida in 2010. Since then I have explored my talents in A number of fashion shows, print ads, and also recently became a Published model, being featured in Bubbleshake Magazines 17th issue. Also looking to do music videos and acting in the near future. Recently Ive been featured in the March 2011 issue of GEM magazine, based out of Miami, fl. A future project is that I’m also going to be featured in issue #18 of bubbleshake magazine.
My best experience in the modeling industry is just being able to meet and network with a lot of great people and getting great advice from vets in the game. my worst experience is just being exposed to a lot of negative, shady people who sell dreams on what they can do for you, but really dont have any connections at all. Im proud to say that while being exposed to such a fast pace industry I’v managed to maintain my professionalism and integrity. I’m a pisces so I’m a bit of a psychic :). Anything else you’d like to know about me, the best place to find me is on Twitter @NatashaFancy Love and Peace to all

Name: Salena Lima
Age: 25
Origin: British/Jamaican/Brazilian
Location: London
Zodiac: Aquarius
Sexual Orientation: Men 1st choice
Relationship Status: in a relationship but not serious
Measurements: 34-26-34
Twitter: @salenalima
Facebook: http://www.facebook/salenalimaIII
ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem/Angellima
Website: http://www.salenalima.com
Booking Info: Bookings@SalenaLima.com http://www.pinkandblackevents.com
Photographer: Kosher

What hand do you write with?
Right! But I can also write with left a little
What’s your favorite color? i love Red and i also like pink
Dream Car? Pink or black enzo
Lucky Number? 11
Favorite Sport? Anything that can give you a good work out….i dont attend the gym so need to keep fit in other ways
Favorite Team? Lakers

I’ve been modeling seriously for a year and a half. I love being around creative people and getting creative myself. I’m currently modeling in the UK. Taking part in music videos, fashion shows, phootshoots for sites and magazines such as Nuts magazine and the Sun newspaper. Feature and front cover of 2011 calendar naughty nurses and my own 2012 salena lima calendar coming later this year for next year, amongst a few other interesting things so stick around 😉

My best experience is just basically being able to meet the few amazing people I have met along the way and the opportunities I’m thankful to have received so far. As for the worst- there’s so many people in this industry nowadays and if your not careful you can become victimized with out even knowing it. I wouldn’t give any particular person or agencey a mention as part of my interview, but I will say this..make sure you do your research to upcoming models

Motto you go by? Go for it!

Hand bags or shoes? Heels all the way, I love sexy shoes with high heels

What’s your interests besides modeling? Socializing, art, acting, writing-you can see some of my poems at http://www.inspirelsmagazine.co.uk plus I’m hoping to compile some into my own book later this year.

Anything eles? Thank you for the support and always belive in your self

Name:Amani Lovee
Location: STL
Zodiac: LIBRA
Sexual Orientation: I DIP ND DAB
Relationship Status: SINGLE
Measurements: 36-26-38
Twitter: @AMANI_lovee
Facebook: Amani Henley
Website: thebbsgirls.com
Booking Info:aloveebookings@gmail.com
Photographer: King Yella
What hand do you write with: right
What’s your favorite color: pink
Dream Car: Pink bentley
Lucky Number: 6
Favorite Sport: basketball

Favorite Team: BULLS

Name: Mz Mikal Blair
Age: 24
Location: TN
Zodiac: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 34-27-40
Twitter: @MzMikalBlair
Facebook: MzMikal Blair
ModelMayhem: 1795478
Website: Coming soon..
Booking Info: blairp1113@gmail.com

What hand do you write with: My Right
What’s your favorite color: I dont have one fav, I like black, pink, purple, lavender, grey & lots of others..:o)
Dream Car: 2012 Audi A7
Lucky Number: 11 && 13
Favorite Sport:Softball (played over 14 years)
Favorite Team: Dont watch or keep up w sports.

Name: Nadia Pariss
Age: 21
Origin: Dominican and Albanian
Location: Miami, FL
Zodiac: Capricorn
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Relationship Status: single
Measurements: 32B *I don’t know my hips and waist*
Twitter: @nadiaanicole
Facebook: /nadiapariss
Booking Info: nadiapariss@yahoo.com
What hand do you write with: right
What’s your favorite color: black and hot pink
Dream Car: black or white range rover
Lucky Number: 3
Favorite Sport: to watch basketball
Favorite Team: miami heat & LA lakers

I started in porn when I was 21 instead of 18 like a lot of other porn stars do.
I got into it randomly, I was actually found on facebook by a scout. My first shoots where with bangbros.com
and they’re by far my favorite to work for, after that I got noticed by companies like reality kings and brazzers.
Ever since that I’ve been taking off slowly in the adult industry. I plan on going out to LA very soon to short bigger content
so i’m very excited.

Name: Mislay Christians
Age: 24
Origin: Venezuelan
Location: New York
Zodiac: Aquarius
Sexual Orientation: Straight but I like to have fun lol
Relationship Status: Currently single
Measurements: 34,26,34
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Missyhotz4u
Facebook: http://facebook.com/mislay.christians
ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/mislaychristians
Website: http://www.wix.com/mislay56/my-modeling-portfolio
Booking Info: mislay.christians@yahoo.com
Photographer: Favorite photographer would have to be William Hill I love working with him.
What hand do you write with: I’m right handed
What’s your favorite color: If I had to choose just one it would have to be blue.
Dream Car: Audi R8 I love that car
Lucky Number: 6
Favorite Sport: I love them all I’m such a sports girl lol
Favorite Team: Yankess of course and the San Antonio Spurs

Hi my name is Mislay Christians. I have been modeling on and off since I was 9 years old the reaosn why I would keep on stopping is because of school. I always felt an education was very important but now that I graduated I’ve been modeling full time. I have a bachelor of science degree in Economics with a business specialty in International Business and aside from English I also speak Spanish, French, and Italian. Aside from modeling I also dance and act. I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old in ballet, tap, jazz, flaminco, salsa, hip-hop, and musical theater. I have a lot of different projects coming up I have a short film that will feature me dancing ballet with director Billy Di Silva a video shoot coming with Vega Da Vet, a Lingerie Calendar Shoot with Divine Origins and a couple of fashion shows with VX Fashions, Angel of Darkness Fashions, and one this Saturday at Coney Island.My best experience in the industry was when I worked with Divine Origins Photography they are the funniest most down to earth photographers I have ever met they made me feel very comfortable and like I was part of the crew and when it comes to worst I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had too bad of an experience yet it’s mostly been photographer’s just being pricks. I’ve been very good at filtering the real photographers and designers from the fakes and wack jobs. My proudest moment had to be when I was feature in DTM Magazine it was my first magazine spread. Since then I have worked with them a couple of times as well as with Miami Living Magazine and also when I was cast in a video for this indie rock band called Against the Wall. I’ve been very proud of the fact that I can do what I love and stay grounded and true to myself. I don’t like it when people get a big ego just because they do a few shoots here and there this industry is very tough and you have to have self-awareness and be a little thick skinned to take it what it throws at you.

Name: Se’Lana aka China
Age: 25
Origin: 50/50 Aisan&Black
Location: Killeen Tx by way of Houston Tx
Zodiac: Leo
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements: 32-24-34
Twitter: @yofavchinadoll
Facebook: n/a
ModelMayhem: n/a
Website: Es-Revid.com coming soon!
Booking Info: diiverse.ent@gmail.com
Photographer: Doss Tidwell

What hand do you write with: Lefty
What’s your favorite color: Orange
Dream Car: Audi
Lucky Number: 14
Favorite Sport: Makeing Money
Favorite Team: Dead presidents

I’m a small town girl with a Big city heart…I some how stumbled across the model/entertainment field and happen to like it..Im currently into medical so modeling is now a hobby for me. I am currently working on an online web store Es-Revid.com so be on the look out ladies and gentalmen. I have been featured in hair magazines(xtreme hair), Fashion Shows, music videos(Party Boyz, Paul Wall, Slim Thug)just to name a few, pleasure to work with both Boomtown and Dr. Teeth. (video directors) my next project Im working w/Yung Redd he’s doing a video for his song -Alright- ft. Propain& Young B so be on the look out for that. The industry has it’s ups and down I have been fortunate to experience it,but as long as you don’t lose yourself success will come!Thanks to those who don’t care and a Bigger Thanks to those who do :)xoxo

Name: Anysha Jaden
Age: 28
Origin: Hungarian/czech/nig
Location: Ge/bavaria/LA
Zodiac: Aries
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: single
Measurements: height: 5’9 , weight 118lbs,
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AnyshaJaden
Facebook: http://facebook.com/anyshaa
Website: http://itsmyurls.com/anyshalyke
Booking Info: A.Paymen ENT.Bookings/info-Paul Hines checmate123@yahoo.com & ajadenjadae@yahoo.com
Photographer: McKenzie

What hand do you write with: right
What’s your favorite color: purple/red
Dream Car: Maybach, Maserati, lamborghini
Lucky Number: 13
Favorite Sport: volleyball, tennis
Favorite Team: Lakers

Attach 3-5 professional/non-published pics

Please write a paragraph introducing yourself. Be sure to mention your
future projects as well as things that you are proud of professionally.
Explain your best & worst experience within the modeling industry. If you’d
like to name names please do. Anything that you’d like to add that you think
would make your interview interesting please do. *
— Anysha Jaden, was born in April 5 1983 in Hungary ,Hight:5’9 exotic hungarian with the German accent. ,Eyes Color: Hazel , Hair color: Black. Hometown: Munich/bavaria/Los Angeles doing modeling/Fsh/vid-shoots. also featured videos ive been working with: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A68F46B7C7EEF4E1 , featured magazines: Lowrider, ZariaMag. ,BonPrix,.., looking forward to work with teamsexyladiesnet & on some new projects with acting, modeling

Name: Sokhai Chu
Age: 21
Location: Columbia, MD
Zodiac: Virgo
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 34-23-34
Twitter: @sokhaichu
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sokhai.chu
ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1322402
Booking Info: sbaechu@yahoo.com

What hand do you write with: Right
What’s your favorite color: Pink:
Favorite Team: #TeamSokhai … just playing. Raven, its the home team!
Attach 3-5 professional/non-published pics

Hey There! I am a plus size model hehe.. Just playing.

My name is Sokhai Chu, I am Cambodian. I am still fresh in the modeling industry and I understand it is hard for model to break into the industry. With a lot of support and effort and pushing myself I know I will be Successful. I came to this Earth to be a part of a greater plan and all I want to do is inspire you. A few things about me : I am Goal oriented, Strong minded, Independent, Dedicated and Humble. I am waiting to be discovered…

Name:Andrea Gonzalez
Origin: I’m half ecuadorian, Arabic, and Turkish. Weird? I know.
Location:Altamonte Springs
Zodiac: Virgo
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status: Happily Married
Measurements: I have no clue! Who cares? Lol
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/DreMelii
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DreMeli
ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/AndreaMelissa
Website: working on it. =]
Booking Info: bookandreag@gmail.com
Photographer: John Hoffman.<—- THE MAN.

What hand do you write with: Right
What's your favorite color: Black.
Dream Car: Um…. I ALWAYS wanted a Mercedez Benz. Maybe one day *sighs
Lucky Number: 9
Favorite Sport: I was a HUGE wrestling fan when Steve Austin was in the game. Now, I don;t care for sports.
Favorite Team: Don't have one

*** My name is Andrea and modeling is what I do after hours out of the office =]
I been modeling for about 4 years, Started at 15 but didn't like it back then it . My mother actually wanted me to pursue this as my career but never took it serious til after I had my son. I can say modeling comes pretty easy for me but then it's challenging at the same time. I'm a promo model here in Orlando, and is currently working for Flight Cru 92 Productions and has worked with a couple of clothing lines. Bad experiences? Well, Yes… Im sure every model has one or two. Rather keep that to myself I get so pissed just thinking about them. Oh well, it's a part of life but I can say I'm a lot wiser now. My example will inspire others. That is all =]

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