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BlockDymez is a social organization with chapters all over the United States. We are also a corporate eye candy modeling agency. BlockDymez specializes in marketing, promotions, branding and financial literacy. BlockDymez events are always good networking events for everyone! We focus on business education and employment! We also specialize in corporate eye candy. We provide promotional models, hostesses, brand ambassadors, convention event staff or spokes models for the upcoming trade show or corporate events. We have gorgeous models available nationwide, including fitness, lingerie, print, runway, swimsuit models & much more. Our mission is to see value in our ladies, help them discover it, and encourage them to reach their full potential.

What are CHAPTERS? A group of models that represent their city.

How long have you been in business? We’ve been in business 6 years but we’ve been in publishing for 2

Are you liscensed? Yes

Are there any other upfront fees beside the $25 app fee? If so, how much?
No, however we ask ladies to pay for their photoshoots when they are ready to shoot for the magazine. Or provide us with images to publish or to us to market them. All models must receive permission from their photographers before submitting ANY images to BlockDymez

Is BlockDymez a modeling agency? If so, how many models do you represent? YES! We are also a social organization. We specialize in advertising, marketing and branding. We publish BlockDymez Magazine Men’s Guide. Which is a sex, love and relationship advice magazine for men. We have over 2,000 BlockDymez all over the United States and The United Kingdom

How much work do your models get? Models only get the amount of work that they put themselves out there to get. BlockDymez make money off of the events they host. They also get a percentage of advertising sales.

What percentage of your models get work? YES! Fortunately, you are targeted for work just by using the BlockDymez name. We only help to brand your image. That is what gets you work and pay, Branding and marketing. Models can also generate income by selling advertisement inside the magazine.

Success rate for models? We rarely work with NEW models. Most of the models we work with have been modeling for at least a year and already have industry standard portfolios. When we do work with new models we encourage them to invest in themselves. It helps with their success rate.

Does your modeling agency make any money from models before they work or are you commission only? We make money through advertising sales, events, sponsorship and when our models are booked.

Is BlockDymez Inc business listed in the BBB? Yes












Becoming a BlockDyme is fun and easy. Being a BlockDyme helps you build relationships and allows you to network with other industry professionals. To be featured on http://www.officialblockdymez.com in BlockDymez Magazine or to become an Official BlockDymez and JOIN The BlockDymez Social Organization contact us blockdymezmagazine@gmail.com




Soncerae, also known as Saun Simmons was born June 1, 1980 in Detroit Michigan.  She was interestingly original from the very beginning of her life. Raised in Washington DC, Soncerae grew up in a semi-stable environment with her mother, grandmother, cousin and two aunts. Experiencing upheaval, she was considered very quiet & introverted. It wasn’t until later in her life that she begin to experiences the effects of the verbal & physical abuse caused by some of her family and peers. Very early on Soncerae began to show a unique interest in singing, participating in a three – girl singing group and the Ebenezer AME Youth Choir in Fort Washington, Maryland. Summers she’d work as a file clerk at a law firm with her mother. Upon entering high school Soncerae started a five member gospel group called Anointed Praise. Upon the group dissolving Soncerae began pursuing a solo career. In 1996 she began singing & recording hooks for local rap artists. Soncerae started her first business at the age of 18 and was making a $22,000 year salary at a corporate office in Washington DC. It wasn’t until 2000 that Soncerae relocated unexpectedly to Atlanta, Georgia.


Since 1995 Saun Simmons aka Soncerae was an American recording artist, musician, producer. In 2000, a month after relocating to Atlanta, Soncerae began interning at Def Jam South’s Marketing Department. After shadowing Def Jam South’s rap artist “Ludacris’” manager Chaka Zula and listening to the advice of Def Jam South’s President “Scarface” Soncerae decided to attend American InterContinental University majoring in Business Marketing.  Through interning & studying Soncerae still managed to work part time at popular nightclubs in the city of Atlanta as a waitress while continuing to record her solo projects. She also took on a job working at Sister Perri Nixon’s (former pop singer Pebbles and manager of TLC) ministry WOMEN OF GOD CHANGING LIVES THROUGH CHRIST.  After two failed attempts to release two albums Soncerae dropped out of the music industry in 2006 and relocated to Charlotte, NC. She began her modeling career after being noticed on a popular dating website by a local photographer.


Soncerae’s modeling career was a success. This was extremely significant to her because she was always turned down for all modeling opportunities in Atlanta. She was always told she wasn’t attractive enough to model. After appearing in several men’s magazines, countless websites, participating in exclusive interviews and hosting events all over the east coast there was no place you couldn’t see Soncerae. After being ridiculed for her few extra pounds, her peers began to call her “The Ultra Model”. Soncerae’s measurements were to big for her to be a fashion model and were too small for her to be a plus size model so therefore ULTRA fit her perfectly. She pleasantly accepted the name along with the challenge of excelling in the urban modeling industry. Soncerae became one of the most popular and highly paid models inside of the entertainment industry.

Being an urban model wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  By 2009 Soncerae was ready to move onto the next level of her career.The kind of modeling she had become involved with was not considered respectable and it began to change her personal relationships with her family and close friends. This was a huge strain on her career having to fend for her self in a male dominated industry that required females to work for sexual favors. She began to disapprove of her own actions and the money and popularity didn’t seem worth the dramatics that came along with being considered a “soft porn” star or eye candy model. During a frustrating time in her career for shock value Soncerae wrote a  controversial blog called THE INDUSTRY BEEF FACTOR  that exposed the common issues inside of the modeling industry. It cleared up rumors about her relationships with her peers.  It revealed secrets of the industry and ultimately damaging her career. She decided to move on to publishing. She became the first African American Urban Model to publish a men’s magazine. BlockDymez Magazine Men’s Guide Premiere Issue was release and seen on over 20,000 coffee tables in bachelor pads & photography studios without major distribution. BlockDymez Social Organization (SORORITY) for females in entertainment spread all over the U.S. There where chapters in all major cities. Soncerae had now became the first African American woman ever to become founder of a sorority for female entertainers and business women. Over 1,000 models & photographers participated in the smooth operation of BlockDymez. Becoming CEO/President & Founder of BlockDymez Inc was not easy. The entertainment industry in itself can be a horrible place. One again Soncerae fought with the demons of being inside of an industry that had no kind of structure or moralistic nature. She began to realize that it was not lucrative for her to continue publishing magazines in print. But before she discontinued print to become an online publication she was offered a distribution deal by President of NEW DAY Associates & Magazine Publisher John Blassingame. What an accomplishment for a man of his stature, the most influential man in the publication business, to approach her with such an offer but yet she turned it down. It wasn’t until later on in her career that she was asked to be featured in the 40/40 Issue of his publication “Black Men’s Magazine” by his son Marcus Blassingame.

Two years later she helped a blogger by the name of MEDIA KING produce a series of blogs called “THE TRUTH INDEED: The Truth About The Urban Modeling Industry” that gave details about the personal lives of photographers, magazine publishers, casting agents, models involved inside of the industry who had used manipulation money, sex and power to become successful inside of the industry. Two of the most popular blogs being about Photographer Lloyd Parks rape accusations & Facet Studios scams to steal money from models.  It defined the facts & myths about the industry and cleared up rumors. The entire urban modeling industry was outraged and began to publicly humiliate Soncerae via social networking sites. Soncerae began to pull away from the public eye altogether. Still Soncerae had a powerful following and a supportive fanbase.


Throughout her career, Soncerae worked with Def Jam, Grand Hustle, Konvict Musik, Straight Stuntin Magazine, Black Men’s Magazine, HiphopDX.com & GGurls.com. She had made major connections inside of the entertainment industry. Becoming involved with so many people caused Soncerae to gain many friends along with plenty of enemies. During that time she began posting videos on YOUTUBE.COM discussing these personal & professional encounters with people. Her very public quarrels with DJ KaySlay, Q, President of WorldStarHipHop and celebrity models Kimmi Kennedy & Jenna Shea gave her a little notoriety. However, negatively. Her videos speaking on the topics led to her getting tons of emails from her fans asking her for advice about how to have smooth professional and personal relationships. Suddenly she became a counselor for people and her advice became valuable to many. Her videos became so popular that executives from the CW Network & Showtime offered her deal to star in her own reality show. Because of her brutal honesty, addictive personality and stunning beauty television became the next logical step for her.


After being rumored to be romantically tied to Trey Songz, Chad OchoCinco & Ray Lavender Soncerae seeked a more private personal life. Her one and a half year relationship with photographer Courage Osadolor (20/20 Photography) permanently changed her views on relationships when he released nude & unflattering images of her on the internet that he himself had taken of her. His attempt to embarrass her after the turmoil of their abusive relationship rocked her to the core. His actions also harmed her professionally. This caused her to want to change careers and become a better influence on the youth. Still a work in progress Saun Simmons has become an author and motivational speaker. She is working on her publishing her first book, “Tell Me Where It Hurts” a self-help book. Her next project is a two hundred page book about her experiences  during & after the blog “The Truth Indeed: The Truth About The Urban Modeling Industry” was published. She just appeared on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta, BET’s “The Game and in Dove Beauty Bar Ad Campaigns all over the United States.

Saun Simmons has no regrets. Through the pain, humiliation, embarrassments, happiness, success and power she has become a relationship expert, author, tv personality, better mother, lover and friend.

“I know that I can do, be or have anything I desire. So what! I’ve been through plenty of bad things. But it’s those experiences that help me grow and become the woman I desire to be. I do not desire to be this woman for the world. My only desire is to be that kind of woman for God.” -Saun Simmons

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