Name: Trina Starz
Age: 24
Origin: African-American
Location: Detroit MI
Zodiac: Gemini
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Dongle
Measurements: 36-28-45
Twitter: @TrinaStarzX
Facebook: Trina Starz
Instagram: Trina Starz
Skype: trinastarz691
Booking Info:
Photographer: ECM

1. Do you think that reality shows like Basketball Wives & Love & HipHop influence the African American community negatively?
No. The ladies on these shows are only showcasing their own lives they should represent the African American community as a whole.

2. Name a few Black Woman Stereotypes. That Black woman are always angry and unhappy.

3. Define VIDEO VIXEN. A video vixen is a model that is in music video

4. How has modeling helped your life? Modeling has made more confidence in myself

5. Are you concerned with impressing other models or photographers? Photographers

6. Do you feel that modeling is difficult for you because of your skintone? No I feel like modeling is diverse nowadays. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Modeling displays shows many shades of beauty than just one.

7. Do you feel society praises a promiscuous woman? Yes

8. Does being sexy make it harder for you to keep a relationship? Yes

9. If you had to choose would it be watching ESPN 88 hours straight or having “girltalk” for 88 hours straight? Girltalk not much of a sports fan

10. If you had no choice but to be one or the other what would you be? Side chick or main chick? And, why? (Don’t say neither!) Main chick I gotta be number one

11. Why do you think some women take exs back that cheat? I think woman don’t know that they are worth so much

12. What distinguishes a good man from a bad one? You can distinguishes a good man from a bad one from the way he treats his mother. If a man treats his mother a queen, he will treat you like one too

13. Would you consider being in an open relationship? No

14. What’s a weird fetish to you? Foot Fetish

15. How many dates before it’s ok to have sex? It depends on the chemistry between the individuals

16. Name 3 things a person should do weekly to improve their life. Read, Eat Healthy, & Exercise

17. What changes have you made in you life recently that you are proud of? I decided to stay focused on only the things in life I can change & not worry about things that I can’t. It makes me more happier and less stressed.

18. If you was the wealthiest person on the planet how would you give back to the community? I would contribute to a lot of young peoples college education & job training. Education is very important nowadays. Its sad that its not affordable

19. Who’s your favorite female model, actress or tv personality and why? My favorite model is Keyshia Dior. I love that fact that she is more than just a model & video vixen. She taken herself to the next level and now she is an own a cosmetics line. She a Boss.

20. Name a non profit organization, charity or foundation that you think BlockDymez should add to our philanthropic list. I think BlockDymes should give to charity that helps woman with breast cancer find a cure.

I would to thanks BlockDymes for the interview:) I want to thank all the photographers & videographers in Detroit that I have worked with. I want to thank everybody that supported me in my my modeling career. Be on my look out for my website coming soon in 2013. -Trina

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