Name: Nicole Mitchell
Origin: I started modeling when I was 19 But I just started being consistent with it two years ago
Location:Charlotte NC
Zodiac: Taurus
Sexual Orientation: I like women and Men
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 32DD, 27, 42
Twitter: Mz_Enjoli
Instagram: Enjoli_Mitchell
Booking Info:


1. Do you think that reality shows like Basketball Wives & Love & HipHop influence the African American community negatively? Although it shouldn’t, I’m sure it does. People need to stop looking at tv as real life. Even if it’s their real life on tv, it’s not yours. So people need to know the difference when they watch shows like that.
2. Name a few Black Woman Stereotypes. Bad attitudes, we wear weave becaues we’re bald headed and we have bad hair.

3. Define VIDEO VIXEN. Short and to the point, a video vixen is a video model.

4. How has modeling helped your life? It’s helped me to meet great people and experience great things.

5. Are you concerned with impressing other models or photoggraphers? No not really

6. Do you feel that modeling is difficult for you because of your skintone? YES!

7. Do you feel society praises a promiscuous woman?

8. Does being sexy make it harder for you to keep a relationship? YES!

9. If you had to choose would it be watching ESPN 88 hours straight or having “girltalk” for 88 hours straight? I think i’d pick girl talk.

10. If you had no choice but to be one or the other what would you be? Side chick or main chick? And, why? (Don’t say neither!) Main chick if i had no choice. But in life there is always a choice and I think anyone in their right mind wouldn’t be either one!

11. Why do you think some women take exs back that cheat. Because they love them and think that they will change.

12. What distinguishes a good man from a bad one? I think a man of God who wants to to the right thing and live right for himself instead of doing something for someone else because that’s what they want.

13. Would you consider being in an open relationship? Nope!

14. What’s a weird fetish to you? hmm I don’t know. I heard something about blood being involved during sex. Thats a little weird to me.

15. How many dates before it’s ok to have sex? For me it just depends on how well I know the person and the vibe. I think it takes a little more than a few dates before you know someone well enough to have sex with them.

16. Name 3 things a person should do weekly to improve their life. Prayer, eat healthy and work out.

17. What changes have you made in you life recently that you are proud of? I’ve removed some negativity from my life. I’ve also changed my attitude and how I handle things.

18. If you was the wealthiest person on the planet how would you give back to the community? I would put money into finding cures for these diseases out here. As well as try to get more people off the streets and into homes, jobs, and rehab clinics if needed.

19. Who’s your favorite female model, actress or tv personality and why? I don’t have a favorite to be honest.

20. Name a non profit organization, charity or foundation that you think BlockDymez should add to our philanthropic list. I can’t just name one!

Thank you for the opportunity first off and say thank you to everyone who has been a part of my career! I’m not one to talk about what i’m doing, I like for my work to speak for itself! But you will definitely be seeing more of me. -Nicole


  1. I would like to give a xtra big shout out to nicole great job mamita!!! Thats my baby and it wint br a probkem staying in a realtionship with a chocolate drop like her, nicole get at me bae same number same hood #missu

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