Name: Zelda Simms / Zelda S (model alias)
Age: 29
Origin:African American
Location: Maryland
Zodiac: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married
Measurements: 44*39*47
Twitter: MissBoogiegrl
Facebook: Ms Zelda S Model
ModelMayhem: #301956
Booking Info:
Photographer: MD photography Odd Ball Photography

1. Do you think that reality shows like Basketball Wives & Love & HipHop influence the African American community negatively? Yes

2. Name a few Black Woman Stereotypes. We always have nasty attitudes,

3. Define VIDEO VIXEN.- Model who is a major characer in the Music Video Community

4. How has modeling helped your life? Modeling has helped by showing as a plus size women I can be goregous and confidant with out being sterotyped

5. Are you concerned with impressing other models or photoggraphers? No

6. Do you feel that modeling is difficult for you because of your skintone? No

7. Do you feel society praises a promiscuous woman? Yes sometimes instead of a women with a goal.

8. Does being sexy make it harder for you to keep a relationship? No not at all. Actually he loves it! lol

9. If you had to choose would it be watching ESPN 88 hours straight or having “girltalk” for 88 hours straight?
Both! Go HEAT!

10. If you had no choice but to be one or the other what would you be? Side chick or main chick? And, why? (Don’t say neither!)
Main chick I guess It’s hard for me to explain that because I’m married but I love being the number one chick because there are more advantages. being a side chick is just do what we do and I see you when I see you (I’ve been in both shoes)

11. Why do you think some women take exs back that cheat.- I think they think it might be different because their heart is with them but it never changes.

12. What distinguishes a good man from a bad one? I think all men have alittle bad in them but a good man is a man that takes you into consideration, a bad man does what he does you might not be top priorty.

13. Would you consider being in an open relationship? Hell NO! I’m selfish. lol

14. What’s a weird fetish to you? licking around the lips while kissing to the other person.

15. How many dates before it’s ok to have sex? hmmmm 2 months

16. Name 3 things a person should do weekly to improve their life? imrovement spirit, expand your mind, and have a goal for expanding your life

17. What changes have you made in you life recently that you are proud of? Got married never thought that I would (Wink)

18. If you was the wealthiest person on the planet how would you give back to the community? I would give back to the young adults and teenagers because I feel like there is alot mis guided young people espically on how to carry themselves as a young adult.

19. Who’s your favorite female model, actress or tv personality and why? Anasa (model) because she is plus size young model and she married, a mother and a child that is under a mother that’s a moguel already that girl got some strength. And Meryl Streep Need I say more the woman is a beast

20. Name a non profit organization, charity or foundation that you think BlockDymez should add to our philanthropic list. United Way

Please write a small paragraph expressing anything you desire. Shout outs, future projects, best of luck wishes…..blah blah blah don’t make it too long but don’t make it short either! 🙂

I just want to shout out to my love he’s been there for me through my up and downs you got to be a strong man to deal with me, lol. Shout out to the dance studios that I’ve worked and students that I’ve been a mentor to love you keep doing your craft. And to BABE Magazine and all my Plus Size models Kisses to you ladies you all BEAUTIFUL.

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