Name: Ayeasha
Age: 29
Origin: African American
Location: ATLANTA, GA
Zodiac: Virgo
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: SINGLE
Measurements: 36-25-38
Twitter: @ayeasha_2000
Facebook: ayeasha.KIKI

Instagram: ayeasha_2000

Skype: ayeasha_2000
ModelMayhem: Ayeasha
Booking Info:
Photographer: I Have A Few Favs!!


1. Do you think that reality shows like Basketball Wives & Love & HipHop influence the African American community negatively? No because even though its said to be reality, acting is also involved. Its simply ENTERTAINMENT but “Reality Shows” have taken over real TV!!

2. Name a few Black Woman Stereotypes. Loud, Controversial, Bad Attitudes

3. Define VIDEO VIXEN. A curvacious female KNOWN within the music industry who places many roles in videos consistently.

4. How has modeling helped your life?
I’ve made many connections through networking and it has allowed me to become a role model for aspiring models male and female due to my ambition, determination and my soon to be known quote staying #MODELFOCUSED.

5. Are you concerned with impressing other models or photoggraphers? No..Are other models and photographers concerned with impressing me?? LOL

6. Do you feel that modeling is difficult for you because of your skintone? At times yes but Black IS Beautiful!!! It doesn’t get better than that. (My Opinion)

7. Do you feel society praises a promiscuous woman? Of course but hey to each his own.

8. Does being sexy make it harder for you to keep a relationship? Being sexy shouldn’t make it hard in any relationship because why wouldn’t you want your partner to be sexy with you? As to the Modeling Profession, yes as you have to find that one person who is understanding of what you’re end goal is a MODEL and everything that is going to come with it. Same as anyone with success.

9. If you had to choose would it be watching ESPN 88 hours straight or having “girltalk” for 88 hours straight? Definately “girltalk”!!! I don’t even watch sports unless someone else is watching it. *wink*

10. If you had no choice but to be one or the other what would you be? Side chick or main chick? And, why? (Don’t say neither!)
Since I can’t say would have to say Main chick. Feelings are more involved with the main otherwise she’d be a side chick lol.

11. Why do you think some women take exs back that cheat. Because Love is powerful and the heart tends to overpower the mind sometimes. I’ve been there & done that!! LOL

12. What distinguishes a good man from a bad one? Depends on how that person likes to be treated. What may be a bad man for me may a good one for the next. BUT TO ME, a good man is someone who satisfies a woman inside and and out, keeps them happy and tends to her needs. (This should also be vice versa)

13. Would you consider being in an open relationship? I don’t like to share!!

14. What’s a weird fetish to you? People who like to get peed on. Eww.

15. How many dates before it’s ok to have sex? Don’t go by dates jus whenever I feel we ready to take it there.

16. Name 3 things a person should do weekly to improve their life. Thank God, Laugh and Exercise.

17. What changes have you made in you life recently that you are proud of? I’ve learned to make myself happy first and things will fall in order as they’re suppose to be.

18. If you was the wealthiest person on the planet how would you give back to the community? Put in all efforts to decrease this poverty level.

19. Who’s your favorite female model, actress or tv personality and why? Huge fan of Taraji P. Henson because she’s so humble, her personality shines and she stands by what she believes in.

20. Name a non profit organization, charity or foundation that you think BlockDymez should add to our philanthropic list. Tracy Mourning’s “Honey Shine Mentoring Program” This program works to encourage a balance of mind, body, and soul in girls and women through nurturing experiences and empowerment.

I would like to thank my close friends and family for being a great support system. Major S/O to my daughter Natalia who is 5, for her encouragement and being an inspiration in what I do. Future projects..I have more fashion shows coming up, photo shoots, gracing a few more magazines with features and in the process of opening AYEADAR TALENT AGENCY!! Its an agency for models/actors from kids to senior adults, plus size models, there’s a male division, we have music artists, dancers, etc and all ethnicities so that’s something major to look forward to. Any serious inquiries email I am your #MODELFOCUSED MODEL “Making My Dreams A Reality”!!! – Ayeasha

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