Name: MS.BEE
Age: 26
Origin: black / other
Location: Orlando
Zodiac: Sagitarius
Sexual Orientation: straight
Relationship Status: single
Measurements: 34 c-30-47
Twitter: @msbeethashit

Instagram: msbeethashit

Skype: msbeethashit25
Website: none at the moment.
Booking Info:
Photographer: vxnstudios,wayne collins,maria scott, simon d, koopa photography.


1. Do you think that reality shows like Basketball Wives & Love & HipHop influence the African American community negatively? i feel that its entertainment period. however young girls watch basketball wives and love and hip hop and think that maybe thats how they should conduct themselves. however to me it all stems back to people who have children and want them to go in the rite direction with life, to me its up to the parents to not allow there children to watch certain things. and bring there children up how they choose to. but i do also think that in a way it does potray the black woman as loud and ignorant. and most black woman are not this way. but again its entertainment at the end of the day.

2. Name a few Black Woman Stereotypes. that we are loud and ghetto. we all are not loud and ghetto with no home training. some of us know how to conduct are selves in publc and life.

3. Define VIDEO VIXEN. : a woman who is viewed as a sex symbol and image is used for music videos to make a sexy apeal to the audience who may be watching or viewing music video. basically a chick that makes the music video look good. because she sexy šŸ˜‰

4. How has modeling helped your life? i would say its done a little for me. i still have much to learn and grow on where it concerns modeling, but so far mag interviews and online radio interviews and a little following. its still working progress.

5. Are you concerned with impressing other models or photoggraphers? no.

6. Do you feel that modeling is difficult for you because of your skintone? i feel sometimes brown skin or dark complexion of women my color dont get enough recognition. most of the time its light skin women over brown skin where it concerns music videos or mags every now and then i will see girls of my color get recogniton. i feel all women are beautiful in there own way and we all have different features image and body wise to bring to the modeling game.

7. Do you feel society praises a promiscuous woman? yes

8. Does being sexy make it harder for you to keep a relationship? no. because if someone wants to deal with me or going to deal with me, they are secure within themselves and therefore dont feel the need to be jealous or have a problem with my sexy image. because they know that we are together when its all said and done.

9. If you had to choose would it be watching ESPN 88 hours straight or having “girltalk” for 88 hours straight? espn.

10. If you had no choice but to be one or the other what would you be? Side chick or main chick? And, why? (Don’t say neither!) main chick. because i am no ones option. i want to be the only or not at all. plus im stingy i dont share dick lol

11. Why do you think some women take exs back that cheat.
i really have no idea. i can only speak for myself. however maybe because its history with that person and they feel they can change. which is foolish but hey thats life i guess

12. What distinguishes a good man from a bad one? a good man knows what he has and not affraid to fight to keep it. he knows how to love his woman, he has a sense of direction in his life and relationship. he is not affraid of commitment. he is not affraid to cry if need be. he is not affraid to love. he knows how to treat a good woman. if he fucks up he knows how to say “i fucked up” and learn as he goes. he stands up and when things get bad he dont run he faces it and finds a solution to the problem in his relationship. A BAD MAN: Sleeps with any and everything that walks and has a problem with commitment because he still trying to find out who he is as a man. so in return he cheats lies, and plays games… he also feels crying is being a “PUNK” because he does not realize crying is not a sign of weakness its a sign of compassion and emotion. and a bad man feels that his actions by doing wrong is justified. instead of taking responsibility for it he runs or makes excuses. thats just my view point.

13. Would you consider being in an open relationship? no.

14. What’s a weird fetish to you? people who fuck animals i will never understand what is the excite ment behind that. smh idk its weird sick and the most nasty ass crap i have ever known and witness in my life.

15. How many dates before it’s ok to have sex? i say 3 or 4

16. Name 3 things a person should do weekly to improve their life.
make sure when waking up u thank god you did. keep a positive mind set. set new goals.

17. What changes have you made in you life recently that you are proud of? i have learned to be more positive instead of negative. and allowing people to make me upset all the time. now i just ignore it.

18. If you was the wealthiest person on the planet how would you give back to the community? i would open up more shelters for homeless and less fortunate and that shelter would be where any one could gain there GED and take up a trade also it would provide job placement.. i would also start a branch of centers for young girls who are troubled either have been abused or rape or just run aways. i would offer free counseling at those centers and a inspiration speaker to the young girls. i would also offer a progam for men and young boys who are troubled and find it hard to get out of sale of drugs or in a gang and cant get out and also men who have been in jail but need and want a second chance to change. they would be given a second chance at the progam i open.
19. Who’s your favorite female model, actress or tv personality and why? somaya reece from love and hip hop, reason being is she is gorgeous. self motivated, she also has an amazing story that in many ways i relate to. another reason is she is a very humble person, she bout her money by any means. she also is a boss of her own company she has had a shoe line, liqour brand etc. i respect her in many aspects. shes and artist,buisnesswoman,hustler,model vixen. i love her. she also responds to all her fans.

20. Name a non profit organization, charity or foundation that you think BlockDymez should add to our philanthropic list. Make -a -wish foundation.

i just want to say thankyou to everyone who believes in me and continues to support me. i am also working on more shoots and more events and other projects at this time. for rite now make sure you check out my feature on street clientele mag setting to drop in august. also i want to give a major shoutout to my booking manager and team the Mademogul ent and models team. thankyou guys so much for keep things going for me and just being there. another thanks to ms. soncerae, thankyou for this opportunity to be featured in blockdymez šŸ™‚ – Ms. Bee

2 thoughts on “OFFICIALBLOCKDYMEZ #149: MS. BEE

  1. Elegantly gorgeous dark chocolate…this is Godiva Luxury Chocolate in the flesh. She is tempting enough to break any strict diet and please every sweet-tooth urge imaginable to any man with a child at heart. She gets the thumbs up.

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