Name: Karima K. Holloway aka “K.K. Holloway”
Age: 27
Origin: USA Freehold, NJ Monmouth County
Location: USA Newark, NJ “Brick City” Essex County
Zodiac: Gemini
Sexual Orientation: Depends *winks*
Relationship Status: In a complicated relationship
Measurements: 36 28 44
Twitter: @kkholloway
Website: / /
Booking Info: / 732-298-1171
Photographer: Kerry Roberts Photography

What hand do you write with: right hand
What’s your favorite color: The rainbow
Dream Car: bently
Lucky Number: 22
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: Lakers
What side of the bed do you sleep on?: either side
What female actress or model do you inspire to be like?: Eva Mendez,
Turn Offs: When your date constantly make subliminal sexual comments..*uggh!*
Turn Ons: someone who is attractive and exudes sexyness and swag…
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Ciroc Girl! *coconut ciroc*
Best Relationship Movie of ALL TIME: Love Jones
Best Action Movie: The Matrix
Best Comedy Movie: Bad Teacher
3 Words to Describe Yourself: Determined, Driven and Spiritual
3 Words You Think A Man Would Use To Describe You: Beautiful, Bad, A Boss! And the list goes ON AND ON AND ON!!!

21 thoughts on “OFFICIAL BLOCKDYMEZ #147: KK

  1. I had to come thru and vote for the talented and bootylicious KK Holloway. That’s dat chick right dere!!!! She’s a sweetheart. But I luuuuuuvvv all dat junk in Da Trunk!!!! Hips and Ass!!! Hips and Ass!!! Boy I tell ya

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