Name: Valencia Christina aka Vcbarbie
Age: 25
Origin: New Orleans,LA
Location: New Orleans
Sexual Orientation:heterosexual
Relationship Status: single
Measurements: 34-26-36
Twitter: @valenciacrstina
Facebook: Valencia Christina
ModelMayhem: vcbarbie
Booking Info:
Photographer: Jafar and Kirby

What hand do you write with:i can use both but for the most part my right
What’s your favorite color:purple
Dream Car:67 mustang
Lucky Number:7
Favorite Sport: football
Favorite Team :SAINTS

What side of the bed do you sleep on?:Any side as long as im comfortable

What female actress or model to you inspire to be like?:Kmberly Elise

Turn Offs:Being too busy,too controlling, too gullible, too feminine, dishonest, duch bags, bums, not xclusive or whore,nonchalant, too hard up, disloyal, bad attitude, not a good father, not humble etc. I.E. a dark person

Turn Ons:strong,healthy, lovable, loyal, caring, fix problems, available, wants me around often, xclusive, honest, handsome, keeps setting goals and reaching them, encouraging, knows what a man is, wants a woman not a toy, can commit, follows through, just an overall good person.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage:Man i work for so many brand but i would have to say Wine.

Best Relationship Movie of ALL TIME:Jumping the broom

Best Action Movie:Belly

Best Comedy Movie:Freddy Got fingered and Napolean Dynamite

3 Words to Describe Yourself:Heroine,Incredible,Ambitious

3 Words You Think A Man Would Use To Describe You:Beautiful, Smart, Wife


  1. You know I had to vote for you my friend 😉 love the fact that you stated that you should be someones wife!!!!!

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