Name: Rejhina Aviles a.k.a Rejhinasosexy or Betty Boop
Age: 26
Origin: I originate from Hampton, VA
Location: I’m located in San Diego, CA
Zodiac: Cancer
Sexual Orientation: I prefer men but I am also attracted to woman! 😉
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements: 34C- 25-38
Website: no website
Booking Info: email me
Photographer: Visual Cocktails

What hand do you write with: Right hand
What’s your favorite color: Lavender purple
Dream Car: Lamborghini, Murcielago LP640
Lucky Number: 7
Favorite Sport: Boxing
Favorite Team: Giants because its my dads
What side of the bed do you sleep on?: Right
What female actress or model to you inspire to be like?: Halle Berry
Turn Offs: Bad breath, hairy body or face
Turn Ons: Sexy smile, nice eyes and lips And swag!
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Moscato Diasti
Best Relationship Movie of ALL TIME: The Notebook I have others can’t think of right now lol
Best Action Movie: The Rise of Planet of Apes
Best Comedy Movie: Due Date
3 Words to Describe Yourself:Spontaneous, Funny, and Smart
3 Words You Think A Man Would Use To Describe You: Spontaneous, Different, and Beautiful

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