Name: Makayla Goings
Age: 24
Origin: Concord, NH
Location: Tampa, Fl
Zodiac: Taurus
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements: 34D-27-37
Booking Info:
Photographer: I have to many to name them all! lol
What hand do you write with: Left
What’s your favorite color: Bright colors, I don’t have a favorite.
Dream Car: Acura TL 😀
Lucky Number: 16
Favorite Sport: I’m not into sports to much.
Favorite Team: n/a

Hi my name is Makayla I’ve been modeling a little bit over four years now. I’m a locally published model and I’m very diverse as you can see. My nationality is Irish and Indian (Abenaki). I can create and deliver images ranging from high fashion, glamour, editorial to commercial. I love all aspects of modeling and look forward to the journey to get to the top. I also love to mentor young aspiring models that have dreams of making modeling their career. I once was a teenager with a dream, so I understand the battle trying to break into the industry. I’m currently working on launching my website ( And I’m also featured in a few up magazines, and one cover and spread. All to come out shortly. I’ve yet to have a bad experience in the industry, thankfully. And I would say my best experience would be, honestly, the feeling I get from every shoot I do. Modeling is a form of expression and art to me so being able to share that with the world is an experience in its self. 😀


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