Name: Alba “Nitza” Nieves
Age: 23
Origin: 100% puerto rican
Location: New Haven, CT
Zodiac: I’m an Aries
Sexual Orientation: Straight!, I love men but woman are sexy to
Relationship Status: I’m currently dating someone.. I like to keep it simple
Measurements: 36D 28 42
Twitter: Follow Me @AlbaNitza88
ModelMayhem: (374754)
Booking Info:
Photographer: I use quite a few, ill work with whoever can help enhance my portfolio

What hand do you write with: My Right
Whats your favorite color: Purple & Black
Dream Car: Black On Black Range Rover
Lucky Number: 7
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: Yankees and whatever team the man I’m dating likes!
Favorite Food: Sushi & Italian
Thongs or Boy Shorts: Definitely Boy

Hello my name Is Alba NItza, I’m from puerto rico but now living in CT, I’m a a full time Model & Make up artist. Some things to Look out for is the re launch of my new site ( as well as some big magazine feature’s in the near future, As well as my own personal calendar in the works. As far as bad experiences in the business I haven’t had to many drastic things happen, besides the pointless 6 to 10hr video shoots that are un organized and all over the place lol, for the most part I’ve been lucky.. I have a lot of good experiences with the models I’ve met & the photographers I’ve shot with so far. I’ve only been modeling seriously for a little over a year so there’s plenty more to come! Thanks to Block Dymes & Kollage King for the opportunity


  1. Just Congratulating you on your success keep pursuing what you want and you will conquer anything you set your mind to. You set the example for all Puerto Ricans. It shows you have great talent and beauty to go along with it. Hope your success continues to skyrocket. Saludos a Puerto Rico Humacao………………

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