Name: Melody Jai
Age: 31
Origin: Full Blooded Redneck
Location: Atlanta
Zodiac: Aquarius with a Scorpio Moon
Sexual Orientation: Wouldn’t you like to know **wink, wink**
Relationship Status: Single for now
Measurements: 34′ 28′ 42 and I’m 5’9
Booking Info:
Photographer: Glen Moody, Nureign, David Rams, Da Real Safado, Slickforce Studios

What hand do you write with: Right
What’s your favorite color: Green
Dream Car: Koenigsegg
Lucky Number: 25
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: Atlanta Hawks

Hey y’all! It’s Melody Jai The Original Whooty from the youtube video! You may have

seen me on the cover of OMIGAWD magazine or in the pages of Skin Tones. If you

haven’t checked me out yet then go to or go to

to see sexy galleries of pictures or videos of me dancing! I also have instructional videos

for the ladies.

I want to give a big shout out to all those who have helped me along the way, and for those

that ripped me off, lied to me or just did me wrong…Thank you! Thank you for helping me

to learn lessons of who to trust and who not to trust in this industry. Without struggle there

is no reward! With or without you I will make it to the top!!! : )


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