Name: Mimi London
Origin:African American
Sexual Orientation: I’m Versitale
Relationship Status:Single
Facebook: mimi london
ModelMayhem:mimi london
Booking Info: or via phone 4042502548
Photographer: Aerkah tha Goddess and KC Convers
What hand do you write with:right
What’s your favorite color: pink
Dream Car:2-door Bentley Coupe
Lucky Number:7
Favorite Sport:Football Junkie
Favorite Team:Philadephia Eagles

My name is Mimi London “Fantasy Girl” and dream pleaser. My love for modeling began at a young age. I grew up performing ballet and entering local and state pageants. I decided to take my modeling career to the next level and enter the hip hop industry. My reasoning behind this was because it seems like all the girls you see in videos, magazines, and web all have similar looks. I’m not hating on their looks because I feel all women are beautiful and have a uniqueness about themselves, but I feel that women who look like me are not acknowledge as beautiful enough to be in the industry. Another reason I decided to enter the industry because guys always approach me and ask where am I from and would I send a picture of myself to their phone. I realize then it was time for me to step my game up and come hard. I am definitely comfortable in my body and love to pose nude if it wasn’t against the law to walk around nude I probably would leave the house like that every day (laughing). I wasn’t always this confident growing up. I did not like my shape growing up as a child, which people always say is crazy but I wanted to be skinny like most white girls with big breast. I didn’t become comfortable until I graduated from high school. Now I can’t keep my clothes on (laughing). Since I have been in the industry which I am still a new kid on the block I have met a lot of really cool people in the industry. Recently I completed a photo shoot with the rap group Travis Porter which will be printed in Creative Loafing magazine and I will be feature in Kamoy magazine which will be coming to newsstands soon. Most of my nude work has been feature in local art galleries around Atlanta, Ga. I am also working on my own website called where you will be able to purchase fantasy posters, calendars, xxx videos and many more.

Future plans:

Once I break thru the hip hop industry it would be an honor to work with artists such as Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Rick Ross and to many more to name (laughing). I am interested in taking acting classes because I would like to do independent films as well as main stream movies. I would love to have my own reality tv show featuring myself. Times have definitely changed where you see so many people in music branching over to acting and that can be a good thing.

Future Projects:

After my website is complete I plan to publish my own fantasy comic book featuring myself and fighting crime along with a lot of sex involved. It definitely will be an adult magazine for the grown and sexy. As well as launch my own vibrator. Yes I said vibrator because I haven’t found one to satisfy me (laughing).

Best and Worst Experience in Industry:

Best when I did the shoot with Travis Porter they were so kool and laid back. They had me laughing the whole time and I would love to work with them again. Worst I work with a photographer that took advantage of me on set. He was shooting me in the nude and while I was doing a pose lying down on the couch he took it upon himself to perform oral sex on me. I felt so disgusting afterwards. So many people I have run across in the industry think that you are easy since you don’t mind posing semi nude or nude, but it should not be that way. So now when I go to shoots I always take someone with me.

I would love for people to checkout my website once it is complete because there will be a lot of kinky and sexy fantasy world photos, videos and live chat to checkout.


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