Name: Currency Cak3z
Age: 24
Origin: Puerto Rican & German
Location: San Diego, Ca but I’m from up North Redding, Ca
Zodiac: Taurus
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Involved
Measurements: 38-26-40
Twitter: @Currency_cak3z
Booking Info: Please contact @HumblesMrAnR or Email: “CurrencyCak3z”
Photographer: Donato Sebastian & TSJ Studios
What hand do you write with: right
What’s your favorite color: lavender & yello
Dream Car:
Lucky Number: 24
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: Lakers, Raiders, & A’s

* What’s up BlockDymez? It’s Currency Cak3z! Coming to you by way of the Best Coast the West, Born & Raised! 😉 Where do I begin,
So far so good and so Blessed! Still Climbing and never stopping…I’m a Studying Law Major and inspiring entrepreneur…Have yet to reach my peak… This year is a Crucial one for me..I have tons of projects from my website, to my video chat site, Magazines, photo shoots, Business Trips, Networking, Promotion of projects… it’s a movement…I just hope their ready for me.. I came to change the game and that I shall do by taking from my experiences and learning from them… Some will love you, Some will like you, some will act like they know you and never even spoke to you, Some will despise you & some will envy and immulate you.. Learn how to play, and take the negative along with the positive in strides…It will make you or break you. It’s always a competition, because there is always somebody striving to do what you do and exceed you… So make sure you come to play… With that being said, be sure to keep in eye on me while I raise.. I appreciate the Love 🙂

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