Name: Tialyssa *aka* Flame Jennings
Age: 21 soon to be 22 June 18
Origin: Puerto Rican & Black…Boricua baby!! πŸ™‚
Location: San Antonio, Texas where everythings bigger and better πŸ™‚
Zodiac: Gemini…Split Personality πŸ™‚
Sexual Orientation: Equal Opportunity Employer πŸ˜‰
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements: 36B – 24 – 37
Twitter: @FlameJennings…Follow me!!!!
Facebook: /MsTytheModel
ModelMayhem: #1897603
Website: Coming Soon!!
Booking Info: Contact me @
Photographer: I’m lookin for the best πŸ™‚
What hand do you write with: Im a lefty
What’s your favorite color: Purple
Dream Car: Range Rover Sport
Lucky Number: 18
Favorite Sport: Track & Field
Favorite Team: Next Level Athletix (Professional Track and Field club fyi πŸ™‚ check em out! )

Where do I start? :)…Modeling is definitely my passion and the foundation for many different ventures I want to take in my life. I am a new model to the game and I want to take it by storm. Through networking and building contacts, I am very confident that there is no area or type of modeling that I can not do. I just recently started booking photoshoots and building my portfolio in late 2010. I am still currently expanding my portfolio in order to showcase my true variety and range as a model and as a business woman. I love preparing for a photoshoot…the ideas, planning, primping, and styling..all are things that are a lot more than what they seem. Modeling for me is about more than just “looking pretty” in front of a camera or being half naked to arouse men. It is about building an image and a brand, building self-confidence and embracing your body, about knowing how to entice and intrigue your audience so that they keep coming back for more…modeling is a lifestyle. The worst experience i’ve had to date was with a photographer who was just not up to par…first he tried to charge me out the ass (600+ dollars) for pictures that were mediocre at best…second he was a bit too touchy feely and a little on the creeper side for me. Aside from that I haven’t had any bad experiences thus far, hopefully it stays that way. I am also building website content and ideas that you are sure to love. I can’t wait. Aside from interviews and features, I will also be doing hosting, promotion, endorsements, and the like so be sure and keep a up with what i’m doing by following me on twitter @FlameJennings and by liking my fan page on facebook (

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