Name: Drea Nicole
Age: 28
Origin: African American, French, Indian
Location: Houston, TX
Zodiac: Cancer
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 34C-26-42
Twitter: @TastyCakes4U
Booking Info:
Photographer: Icon Photography & Marcel Francoeur
What hand do you write with: I’m right handed
What’s your favorite color: I’m a fan of white and bronze tones
Dream Car: White Range Rover
Lucky Number: I have two 7 & 11 happen to me my bday as well 🙂
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: Boston Celtics

Hello, I’m Drea Nicole, I’m a single mom, full time student, baker and model located in the suburbs of Houston, TX. I’ve been featured in a few mens mags such as Smooth and King. I’m currently set to graduate in December with a degree in Psychology (I like to get into peoples heads) but my true passion is baking, and I have a cupcake catering business called Sugar & Spice Cupcakes

I would have to say my best modeling experience was shooting for Smooth in Jamaica, the locale was amazing, there was no drama with other models and everyone, staff included, was very professional and I had a blast! Now to my worst….I was doing a shoot in Baltimore, Maryland with a photographer who claimed he had access to getting me into any mens magazine I wanted (not messy so he shall remain nameless) but anyway, during our lingerie geared photo shoot, he kept complimenting my curves, and I guess he couldn’t help himself because the next thing I know I’m bent over in a very sexy pose and he just flat out grabbed my ass!!! I mean he palmed it like it was a basketball, talking about he just wanted to know what it felt like, smh, and needless to say he got cussed out and the shoot was over, never again!

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