name: Marie Blanchard
Origin: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Sexual Orientation:Straight but sometimes the ladies are tempting.
Relationship Status: Single
Booking Info: email:
Photographer(s): Barry Smith and Andy McFarland
What hand do you write with: my right hand
What’s your favorite color: Baby blue
Dream Car: its a 3 way tie between an Aston Martin, the The Lamborghini and Pagani Zonda Lucky Number:4
Favorite Sport: Football/ volleyball
Favorite Team: Steelers

My name is Marie Blanchard and I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I came to the United State when I was 11 and have lived here ever since. I attended college for business but never graduated. My passion has always been modeling just like many other young women out there. After signing with a modeling/talent agency, I was fortunate to pursue my dream career in the entertainment business. Its incredible what God can bring your way when you work hard and surround yourself with caring and positive people I tend to call “Angels”. So far I have been lucky enough to have been published in numerous magazines such as American Curves, Cred, Playboy, Fever and more. Of course, I have a 9-5 job, any model who says otherwise when starting out is lying to themselves. I have also pursued acting and had the luxury of booking a couple features and speaking roles in movies such as “Sorority Row” and “Zach and Miri”, “The Kill Point”, and others and still trying to book more. So far I am involved in a documentary/reality show for the Discovery Channel which will come out in October of this year. I am not allowed to talk much of it until the show premiers, but it will be exciting! I have enjoyed every bit of my career but of course there are always mishaps especially with unprofessional photographers/clients. It always annoys me when a photographer tries to use adjusting your clothing as an excuse to touch you in inappropriate places. Fortunately for me, it never got that far but I’ve heard horror stories. My advice for new models is to start with a female photographer who has no selfish plans to take advantage of your innocent lack of knowledge and Beware! Outside of the entertainment industry, I am working on my clothing company for small breed dogs, Scrappy’s Closet. The name is from my puppy Scrappy who has inspired me to start this business. The website will launch in September of 2011, it is Keep a close look!

Thank you again for featuring me!
Love Marie

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