Name: Stacey Anne Hewson
Age: 25
Origin: English/mixed
Location: Barton-upon-Humber, U.K
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 34’ 24’ 39’
Booking Info:
Photographer: Kosher!
What hand do you write with: I’m right handed.
What’s your favorite color: Blue
Dream Car: Alfa Romeo
Lucky Number: no.7
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Team: Arsenal!

Hi there my name is Stacey I’m from a small village in the U.K, firstly I would like to say thank you for taking the time to get to know me… I’ve only been modeling around a year, I actually got into modeling through the job centre, a bit strange I know. I was doing a job search and just for a laugh put in modeling and some things came up so I thought why not and I went for it. Got a call back and attended. Unfortunately it was more of a scam, as professional as they were, basically all they were looking for was girls who would go into dancing and stripping and I wasn’t interested no matter the money! But it didn’t put me off just made me more aware and I got in to my first shoot in a small village not far from me in Immingham and not looked back since just getting better and better learning and taking criticism and feedback wherever I can to improve myself!
The next stage in my career was competitions. I entered Miss Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph. This was my first and got into the final 10 by the public buying the paper and sending in votes with the cut out form.
The second was for miss U.K and I did just one of the heats Miss Lincoln and came 2nd runner up, they asked me to come back and do another heat for Miss hull but I said no thank you because…
The third competition was Facebook model 2010 in which I took everything I had learned and won! The whole night was amazing and I had never enjoyed myself as much as I did that night and that memory you can’t buy or be taken from me!! This was the time in which I met Katie Ryan… who was the organizer of the whole event and who now manages me to this time … I don’t live in London and is quite a distance but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I do…
I have recently organized and hosted my first event, persuading businesses to give there time and products for free… It was very successful and I enjoyed myself a lot… you can find the images on Facebook on I’m hoping to be involved with many more events hosting organizing anything I just love to be out there…
The best thing about modeling is the results capturing a moment which I then can keep forever, knowing when I’m old I can look back and say it wasn’t all bad. It will always be a good memory in my life. And I would love to be able share that with you… One thing if I could change would be what a model is ‘expected to look like.’ I’m not 7ft or size zero I’m curvy and petite and I think anyone should be given an equal chance at there dream… and to portray what real girls/women look like not what the industry says we have to look like!
I would just finally like to say thank you for having me feature here and hope that you enjoyed reading just a small part of who I am and there’s plenty more to come keep up with me on any of my pages or twitter… x

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