Name: Gabriella Amoroso
Age: 18
Origin: Italian
Location: Tampa, FL
Zodiac: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken 🙂
Measurements: 32C-24-36
Website: coming soon !
Booking Info:
Photographer: postcards from the wasteland & HF models
What hand do you write with: my right
What’s your favorite color: purple
Dream Car: audi S5 coupe
Lucky Number: 19
Favorite Sport: i like basketball, baseball
Favorite Team: the yankees 🙂

I was born in the bronx, NY & after 14 years moved here to florida. Im 100% natural beauty and plan to stay that way! I have only been modeling for a very short time, im just getting started, you can find me on &, also im in the process of creating my own website & have many other upcoming projects with local magazines & such. My best expierience modeling is soon to come hopefully, i havnt been in the game long enough to have a best expierience or worst expierience yet, hopefully there will be no bad expieriences lol! I just plan to go with the flow and see where this journey takes me 🙂

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