Name: Vanessa Denis
Age: 23
Origin: African/Native American
Location: Miami, FL
Zodiac: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 34-25-38
Twitter: @MsNessaDee
Facebook: Vanessa Robinson
Booking Info:
Photographer: MQImages
What hand do you write with: Right
What’s your favorite color: Pink/Blue
Dream Car: 2011 Honda Accord ( Im not really into the fancy stuff)
Lucky Number: 4
Favorite Sport: Basketball…and Cheerleading, I do believe that its a sport 🙂
Favorite Team: The Heat, of course…We got the ring next year

Hmm…About me… Im a college student majoring in Music Business, yes I want to be the woman in charge of it all. You can call me the future woman version of Diddy lol. Im a huge music geek which takes people by surprise because people view me as “bougie” or prissy at times. Im a classically trained Flutist of 11 years and proud of it. I’ve recently started modeling and I’ve been featured in a few music videos working with artists such as Rick Ross, Wale,and JLS. The hard part about being featured in videos is that they will take the pretty light skinned chick over the pretty dark skinned chick. That doesnt stop my grind at all. My next stop is to get published and I do believe that I am not too far from it. I advise the world to expect some big things from a small girl like me in the near future.

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