Name: Mandy Leon
Age: 20
Origin: Born in Brooklyn, NY
Location: Currently living in Pennsylvania
Zodiac: Pisces
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 36- 23-35
Twitter: @mleon3
Facebook: Mandy Bookingpage Leon or you can “like” me under Mandy Leon
ModelMayhem: #1666718
Website: currently undergoing construction
Booking Info: Send all booking inquiries to
What hand do you write with: right handed
What’s your favorite color: Electric Pink
Dream Car: Audi R8
Lucky Number: 3
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Team: Giants

I was born in Brooklyn, NY but mainly raised in Lancaster, PA…So I have the sweet personality but if you get on my bad side, the Brooklyn comes out of me lol. I am very outgoing and friendly, I love meeting new people and making conversation. Modeling is something I am very devoted to, I put a lot of time and devotion into it giving 100% in everything I do. Right now, bookings are coming in rapidly and I am very thankful for that and am very blessed. This year I have been featured on many sites and am currently setting a flight out to LA to be featured in one of the hottest magazines in the United States. No names can be given at this time but if you network with me you will indeed be informed of the name once the issue comes out on stands. I am very proud of where I stand today and who I am. I am not like the majority of girls out there in today’s society, I do have morals and respect myself and am very professional, working my way to the top the right way. The best experience I have had with modeling so far is a recent booking for a music video shoot in New York that will be aired on MTV, BET, and all major music network channels. My worst experience with modeling would have to be doing a free shoot for who I thought was an outstanding photographer and I still to this day have never received the images. Ladies!- ALWAYS have a contract/release for with you! For those of you wondering, I am Puerto Rican, Cuban, Italian and French haha. Keep an eye out for me ladies and gents because I will be making it big soon and remember to email me if you are interested in booking me! 🙂 xoxo

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