Name: Miami Marie
Age: 26
Origin: Kansas City, Mo
Location: Port Orange, Fl
Zodiac: Pisces
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Measurements: 36-26-37
Website: coming soon
Booking Info:
Photographer: Nureign Photography
What hand do you write with: My right hand
What’s your favorite color: flaming hot pink!
Dream Car: Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series d
Lucky Number: 19
Favorite Sport: College Football
Favorite Team: GATORS! or LSU I know there rival teams but I like them both!

Modeling has really open so many doors for me! I have previously worked only for fashion and now that im stepping in to urban glamor its definenlty something new and exciting!Modeling for me is a great inspiration to myself, letting all things know to my mind body and soul, that the body is a wonderful sanctuary of grace. Being that I am a freshmen to this field, I have done so much. I have toured with Maxim and Budlight, and Playboy. Have been centerfold girl for many magazines local and abroad, also traveled with XM Radio and many special events and club openings. I have been featured or worked along side so many people its hard to list all of them! My most recent feature was in the spring issue of Stunnaz magazine, everyone defenitly needs to get a copy of that asap! Currently in medical school for Nuclear Medicine and interning at my local hospital, my carerr has always been in the health profession, modeling is a great joy and pass time for me and I really enjoy meeting everyone! Working on my website , its a little tought i must admit being in school and doing this part time as well so I hope to have it up very soon! My future projects are limitless, please contact my manager @kollegeking on twitter or for inquires!

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