Name: Melissa Latham
Age: 26
Origin: black/native american
Location: orlando, fl
Zodiac: sagittarius
Sexual Orientation: straiiiihgghhht
Relationship Status: single 😉
Measurements: 34C/26/37
Booking Info:
Photographer: Mind Vivid; David Birdsong

What hand do you write with: lefty baby
What’s your favorite color: green $$
Dream Car: soo many I love… Maybach Exelero
Lucky Number: 1
Favorite Sport: basketball
Favorite Team: I’m team melo… so wherever he goes… also shoutout them OSU buckeyes!

Hello sexy men and women, my name is Lissa coming to you from Ohio but living in sunny flo-rida. Being a tomboy my whole life and playing all sports (basketball in college) I was never considered girly until I began to model. I started because a friend/ex model wanted to teach me to walk in heels and the rest is history. This summer has been crazy for me recently finishing up as a hair model for Mizani L’Oreal and awaiting my Jet Magazine debut. You can also catch me on right now. Other features I am awaiting are, cover of Adarias Magazine, suite 400 Magazine, and many other events/shoots within the next few months. The best part of my journey as a model has been all of the amazing people I have met. The worst part would have to be dealing with the stereo-type that just because I model sexy, that means I’m easy. Don’t get me wrong, I looove to be sexy for a man, but I’m also old fashion. When I’m not caught behind a camera, I love to hoop it up with the fellas and I also work as an accountant 😉 I’m very down to earth, goofy and love to have fun. On a total day off, you can catch me at the beach! Look out for me and thank you for your support.

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