Name: Juicey Adoir
Age: 27
Origin: Creole / German
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Zodiac: Libra
Sexual Orientation: I like Men! Unless its my birthday or special occasion 😉
Relationship Status: Committed
Measurements: 36-27-42
Twitter: @JuiceyAdoir
MySpace: Does this exist?
Facebook: Juicey “TheHoodRatSlaer” Adoir
ModelMayhem: 2218015
Website: coming soon
Booking Info:
Photographer:* Derrick Blakely

I have appeared on . Other than that, nothing. Lol. I would like to point out that I have had a few houses, a fleet of cars, a couple businesses and a Gucci Purse before I ever had a professional photoshoot. Calm down people, im not bragging, im just saying that I always pursued money and education. I just never pursued modeling. I do hands down give much love and respect to the very beautiful and sexy females out here in the modeling game. I give you all the credit in the world for what you do. I see how tough it is with the janky photographers, janky promoters, janky magazines, janky club owners, janky managers, janky websites, people trying to sell you a dream, men just tryin to get in your pants, people tryin to play you on your money…the list just goes on and on… You never really know who to trust. Except, your own squadrion ofcourse. Other than that, its real “dog eat dog” out there in the modeling industry. So with that being said, I see what you beautiful ladies are going through and Im choosing to go a different way. I have another tactic. Im trying to keep the bs to a minimum, with all attention focused directly on where the paper is.


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