Name: Caitlin Merrill (Cat)
Age: 24
Origin: East Coast
Location: Orlando
Zodiac: Libra
Sexual Orientation: Straight but I find females beautiful
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 32 C- 25- 35
Twitter: @caitlinmerrill
Facebook: n/a
ModelMayhem: n/a
Website: You can find me on
Booking Info:
Photographer: Doug Ochoa
What hand do you write with: right
What’s your favorite color: green and purple
Dream Car: oh goodness i love big cars so i would say a range rover or a tahoe
Lucky Number: I wouldn’t say a lucky number but my favorite number is 12
Favorite Sport: Would be soccer and football
Favorite Team: Saints

My name is Caitlin Merrill in the model world I go by Cat. I am 23 and a college student just pursuing her dreams. I plan eventually to be a PR director and a lawyer. I love to play any sport and watch sports. God is love. I don’t drink or party to much ,but I still know how to have fun. I am a sweet girl, but don’t mess with me I am fiesty. I really would love professionally to work with maxim and other magazines like them. I would love to really do more magazine shoots and maybe get into the television or movies business as well. I am proud of myself for making it into maxims hometown hotties of this year. I am improving with every shoot and you will see lots more of this lady.

My worst experience as a model was working with the wrong photographer. I was new to the game and trying to make a name for myself and shot with some of the wrong photographers who didn’t shoot very good photos and were unprofessional. My best experience would be meeting my new photographer Doug Ochoa he is professional and a amazing photographer. You will see great things to come from him he is great.

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