Name:Yuri Edwards
Age: 21
Origin: New Orleans, LA
Location: New Orleans, LA
Zodiac: Libra
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements: 34-25-40
Twitter: @Yo_DreamGirl
Website: in progress
Booking Info:
Photographer: CP Lemar and BigRam Studios
What hand do you write with: right
What’s your favorite color: purple
Dream Car: Nissan 370Z
Lucky Number: 89
Favorite Sport: basketball
Favorite Team. Orlando Magic

Hey guys my name is Yuri but you can call me Yo_DreamGirl. I’ve been modeling for less than a year and have managed to create a small name for myself in a short time. I have a lot of future projects coming my website will be out shortly as well as some magazine features I am involved with. I’ve definitely had some good and of course bad experiences in this industry in a short time. I’m being pre judged every day I pursue this career but it comes with the territory. On the flip side, Im inspiring a young girl somewhere to have a confidence and ignore negativity. I owe the start of my career to Latigid Studios as well as Tyrell Banks. You guys gave me my push that I needed to set the tone what is coming to my audience now. Thanks for this interview guys and you will be lots more of me!

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