Name: Free Lane
Age: 27
Origin: Mississippi
Sexual Orientation:Men
Relationship Status:Single
Measurements: 34-27-35
Twitter: blasiantendency
Facebook: I don’t know you well enough to give you
Website: I am in the process of looking for someone to capture that vision for me
Booking Info: All booking inquires should be sent to
Photographer: Doss Tidwell
What hand do you write with:Right hand
What’s your favorite color: Purple
Dream Car: I don’t like cars…so my dream truck is either an Avalanche or an F-250! All black everything
Lucky Number: I’ve never paid attention to what number brings me luck….so I guess I will save 5…I was born on the 5th.
Favorite Sport: Definitely love the violence UFC brings so I’m going to have to say MMA
Favorite Team: I don’t watch team sports

Hi darlings 🙂
My name is Free and I am very much a free spirit. I moved to Houston about three years ago for graduate school. I was bored on a Saturday and was fiddling around with myspace and this photographer posted a bulletin saying that whoever hit him up first would get a free photo shoot. So I called him up for kicks and giggles and boom I became introduced to a new world! My love for modeling and the art of photography began to blossom. Modeling is not a full time gig for me, it is what I do for artistic clarity and expression. I love the perks that comes with modeling like traveling, meeting new people, and all the fun looks I get to portray. I do hope that soon I can turn this hobby of mine into a real dream but until then I will continue shooting for my enjoyment. What I am proud of most professionally is my ability to work with photographers that I wouldn’t have been given the chance to work with if it hadn’t been for that boring night I had. I have gotten to travel throughout the U.S. to shoot as well as out of the country. Majority of all of my modeling experiences have been amazing except one. I won’t call names or states, but I did have an altercation with a photographer that assumed I “needed” the shots he took. So he was very disrespectful and somewhat physical. So my advice to upcoming models as well as the already established models. Never let your guard down. This is a business and you have what they need so always demand respect but with a smile of course.

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