Name: Lauren Jacobs
Age: 24
Location:Los angeles

Sexual Orientation: straight
Relationship Status:single
Measurements:24 ,25 ,37
Twitter: laurenjacobs24
Facebook: Laurenjacobsnet
ModelMayhem: laurenjacobsnet
Booking Info:
Photographer: Shannon willams
What hand do you write with: Right
What’s your favorite color: Black and punk
Dream Car: Maserati
Lucky Number:21
Favorite Sport: FOOTBALL
Favorite Team: Lakers

Introducing LAUREN . . . Laurens almond-shaped eyes, dark complexion, exotic curves and excitable personality make it very clear to anyone asking, that she was meant to be a star. Whether it is modeling and gracing a runway, acting, singing or dancing, Laurens sex appeal is sure to spark a flame wherever she goes. This 21-year old multi-talent is taking the modeling, music and film industry by storm as she has appeared in Smooth Girl Magazine, ECM Magazine,ad HBO specials. She also co-starred on UPN show, Cuts, As well as a guest lead on Drake and Josh. She has also appeared in Numerous Commercials. Lauren has a drive and passion that are sure to knock down every door, and the personality to make every other door open to her with the greatest of ease. Lauren, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, grew up surrounded by the entertainment lifestyle with her mother, who works with the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders. It was under this influence that she chose to become a model, actress, singer and dancer. Growing up in Cincinnati Lauren attended the School for Creative and Performing arts. Appearing in several productions while in school she also worked with Heyman Talent Agency a local agent where she appeared in several local ads and Industrial Commercials. During her senior year in high school she movedto Los Angeles. Where she got signed to multiple talent agencies and started booking jobs right away. Soon after she got her SAG card and has established herself in the industry. Lauren has also appeared in the 4th season of wild N’ Out. Currently she will be featured in the march issue of SHOW Magazine.

I am currently working on a few different projects that Im really excited about stay tuned! I have been able to do so many great experiences and work with some amazing people! Modeling wise , I loved doing smooth magazine it was a great experience sand was amazing! my worst has to be once I was working with this creepy photographer who tried to video me naked LOL I left that real fast.

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