The most popular question we get at BlockDymez Inc is “How can I be in BlockDymez Print Magazine?” Here we try to make it easy for models to be published. However, we don’t just feature ANY model. We feature models that submit their own images. We encourage each potential candidate to go out and find the right photographers to shoot with. BlockDymez Magazine is exclusive for only Official BlockDymez. Meaning each model must be featured on before they can even be considered for BlockDymez Print Magazine. Your fans must VOTE you in BlockDymez Magazine. Get the right images your audience will adore you and encourage you by voting for you. Here are a few photographers that we suggest models shoot with to get the quality images that BlockDymez Inc is looking for. We encourage all models to pay their photographers to update their portfolios and to always have images available to submit to magazines.

VXN Studios
Derrick S Clegg
Facet Photo
20 20 Photography
Linkz Photo
Rob Meggett
Import Eye Candy
Anthony Thomas
D Brown
Visual Cocktail
Treagan Photo

There are plenty of quality photographers to choose from. Those listed are just a few suggestions we can give. Please be advised that BlockDymez Magazine will NOT pay models to advertise. We can ONLY provide FREE advertising for models. BlockDymez Inc functions properly without the use of models. Models are the reason why BlockDymez Magazine sells is a MYTH. BlockDymez Magazine is NOT an “eye candy” pictorial. It is a Sex, Love & Relationship guide for men. It is also a tool for models to use to help promote their careers. We are offering our services to models for FREE. If you are interested in pay please contact a reputable modeling agency for employment. This magazine is to help models promote their careers, merchandise, videos, facebook, twitter or whatever they’d like for us to help promote.

If you have a product, service or business and are interested in purchasing advertising space in BlockDymez Magazine or on our website please click “Advertise/Sponsor” for more info.

There are plenty of ways for models to earn income with BlockDymez Inc. If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area and earning income by being a part of the BlockDymez Social Organization click “Sorority” for more info.

Submit 3-5 images to that do not include copyright marks on wording. Please be sure to get the permission of your photographer before you submit images that were given to you upon TFCD basis. We will not accept images that have been featured in other publications. We do not provide photography services for you. If you are interested in finding a photographer click “Model & Photographer Bank” for more info.

Models that are interested in being cover models are chosen randomly. However, models who are interested in being a cover girl and have a product sponsor can be on the cover of BlockDymez Magazine. For more info on BlockDymez Cover Girl Sponsorships please contact us

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